Established Websites for Sale

URL Site Type Niche Age Profit Status
serve** Content Kitchen and Dining 1 Yr $350/month Sold
headp******** Content Electronics 1.5 Yrs $1500/month Available
top****** Content Gaming 1.5 Yrs
niche**** SaaS Content-writing platform $1000/month Sold
wri**** SaaS Content-writing platform $1000/month Sold
perfect***** SaaS Job $1000/month Sold
best****** SaaS Job Sold

Why should you invest in an established site?

Building websites from scratch is a daunting task and investing in them can be a gamble. Even if you manage to build a couple of websites, growing them to a point where they become profitable can take a lot of effort, money and time.

With established sites, you don’t need to take any risk. We’re already taking the risk for you. Therefore, whether you are new to the content site industry, or a content or SEO expert, our established sites can be a great investment for you.

How can profitable content sites make you money?

Established websites that make money can become an asset, and will continue to remain an asset.

For example, you buy a site that is making $4000 in profits per month. It costs you $120,000 (provided it is priced at 30x its profit every month). This is a massive fee for anyone. Nevertheless, in the first month post purchase, you will make $4000 out of your investment. Now let’s say you hold it for 12 months. That is a $48,000 profit. Then you again sell the website for 30x, and in one year you’ve already made $48,000 profit.

Now, if you increase the per month profit from the website to $6,000, you make $72,000 in one year, and you can sell the site for $180,000. That’s an overall profit of $252,000 in one year.

You can keep the website and work on increasing your monthly profit. Or, you can sell it as and when you want.

I’m new to the content site concept. Can I still invest?

When you buy an established content site, you don’t need to be a tech or content genius. We’ll help you with all you need to or want to know about the content site industry.

All our content sites comprise a simple front-end and back-end design, and are built on WordPress (easy to use). There’s no dearth of WordPress, SEO, and digital marketing resources on the Internet. You can leverage them to enhance your knowledge.

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