10 Best Affiliate Programs in 2022

Updated on June 9, 22

Beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing

Choosing the best affiliate programs for beginners is one of every affiliate marketer’s major hurdles when starting an affiliate marketing business.

It becomes difficult to select an ideal one since many high-paying affiliate programs to select from.

Instead of wasting time and money building your site from the ground up, you might be earning your first affiliate bucks even before you’ve finished.

Because we get a lot of questions about this topic, we’ll spend the rest of this piece looking at the best affiliate program for beginners.

We allocate more than a tenth of all marketing material to affiliate marketing, used by 80% of companies looking to expand their consumer base.

We’ll do our best if you want a more balanced view of the best affiliate programs.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Earning money online with affiliate marketing is a great idea. The field is highly competitive with affiliate marketing, yet it’s still possible to make money online. Promoting your products effectively requires trial and error to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Wait Until The Right Moment

There are a plethora of affiliate marketing endeavors. Because of this, you must be patient. Attend affiliate marketing events, seminars, and webinars, join a discussion forum or online communities and feed your website with high-quality content to rank higher and raise exposure. All of these are crucial to your personal development. Now that you’ve read these contributions, you’ll be more motivated to passive income with an affiliate marketing network. If you are patient enough, the affiliate program will allow you to make money as an affiliate income for the company.

Select Items That Are More Eye-Catching

It’s terrible to sign up for multiple affiliate programs and promote everything. It’ll et you down if you try to put all your energy into just one of them. So it’s better to focus your marketing efforts on a few high-profitable products rather than trying to market everything. As an affiliate, you’ll need to know what the market wants and needs and then position your products to meet those demands.

Utilize a Variety of Traffic Sources.

Making money online increases as more people visit the sales page. It’s not a bad idea to advertise on your website. However, there are a few omissions. Google Adwords is a prime example. Making an ad in your Adwords account will bring targeted traffic to your sales page from various sources.

Measure, Track, and Test.

To learn what works and doesn’t, it’s helpful to put any activity through its paces and track its results. Change or maintain your current course of action based on the tracking data. Your banner advertising, for example, isn’t doing much for you. You can indeed make more money in some regions than others.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Content Marketers

There are numerous programs to select from, but web hosting is the easiest. Promoting web hosting is one of the most acceptable ways to earn money as an affiliate.

A web hosting service is required if a website owner wants their content to be accessible to the general public.

One of the best affiliate opportunities is to promote a web hosting platform. Unless you have a web hosting provider, you cannot make your content visible to the general public.

You’ll find an affiliate program for web hosting, website builders, and VPNs in addition to the usual suspects. These are some of the best marketing tools for web hosting companies, which offer among the greatest affiliate programs and payouts.

We have discussed the 10 best affiliate programs for content marketers below:


Since founded in 1996, it has become one of the most popular and oldest affiliate networks, with over 4,000 programs covering everything from Business to Home and Garden.

Consequently, the best affiliate networks on ShareASale provide users with access to a diverse set of features that can assist them in bringing their affiliate marketing operations to an entirely new level, both as affiliate marketers and as merchants. In addition, many instructional and training tools are available, including monthly webinars that will help you expand your network.

The ShareASale platform offers a variety of technological capabilities. It helps if you are interested in using it to market your program.

Amazon Associates

At the moment, Amazon has the most popular online stores, and it offers almost anything. One of the oldest affiliate programs globally, it was established in 1996, making it one of the oldest in the world.

Amazon Associates program is one of the great affiliate programs for beginners because it is free to join and easy to get accepted, and it’s so simple to get started with Amazon’s affiliate marketing programs and create your first affiliate link. It’s the first place we send new affiliates.

eBay Partners

eBay was one of the first online marketplaces to bring customers and sellers together when it launched in 1995. Globally, it’s a well-known brand that has expanded to incorporate affiliate marketing relationships.

The eBay Partner Network takes a percentage of the sale’s proceeds regarding commissions. And the commissions earned differ according to the goods sold.

When working with eBay, you don’t have to deal with any “middlemen” because they run their affiliate program and administer it themselves.

You’ll have the chance to meet their group of affiliate managers, which may be very useful to your business in the long term. In addition to an extensive FAQ website with numerous articles, eBay Partner Network also provides an affiliate partner’s email address that you can use to get answers to a variety of frequent questions.

Shopify affiliate program

Shopify is the WordPress of the eCommerce world. As the leading eCommerce platform, When it comes to getting your business online, Shopify makes it easy.

Shopify is a great affiliate program that is one of the best ways to earn extra money. The affiliate program will pay you $58 per sale if your friends and family sign up for a premium plan.

Pre-made webinars, videos, and automated funnels are just some of the promotional tools available through Shopify. For example, the 30-day cookie might be a pain at times. Shopify’s well-known brand will more than make up for it.

Shopify has a dedicated affiliate manager to help you get the most out of its network, whether a blogger or a marketer.


Clickbank is the largest affiliate network that comes from over 200 countries. They’ve paid out over $4.2 billion in affiliate earnings.

Its flexible payment methods and timetable are a major asset of the network. With Payoneer, you can use your credit card or bank account to direct deposit to someone else. When it comes to the frequency of your payments, you can choose from monthly or weekly options.

ClickBank’s affiliate network offers a wide range of digital services that you may tailor to fit your market’s needs. However, you can promote as many items as you like to earn more money from your affiliate marketing efforts. Payouts via PayPal and bank transfer both have a minimum of $100.

Leadpages Partner Program

With Leadpages, you can create a dedicated landing page with a form and a call to action. It’s possible to earn a 30 percent commission per month with their affiliate program.

Leadpages is a website builder that assists small company owners in growing their companies by facilitating connections with their target audiences, acquiring leads, and completing sales. It accomplishes this by creating landing pages, opt-in forms, and websites.

The new commission structure for the LeadPages Affiliate program pays you a flat 10% recurring commission for every customer you’ve had in the past or the present. You can, however, earn as much as 50% if you suggest enough new members each month.

It also comes with a 30-day cookie and a dedicated affiliate link to help you spread the word. LeadPages also provides readymade ads and other information to help you enlighten your market.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

People universally perceive Bluehost as among the greatest web hosting companies available. It is well-known for being inexpensive and making it simple for novices to comprehend and set up a website, particularly if you wish to utilize WordPress as your content management system (CMS).

Bluehost is an excellent option for WP Engine that is scalable, stable, and economical. Web hosting, automated security, and a wide range of eCommerce capabilities are available on this platform, making it ideal for bloggers and marketers already using WordPress.

Google Adsense

Everyone from small-time bloggers to some of the most well-known websites on the internet uses Google AdSense to monetize their sites with advertising revenue. Using Google AdWords, advertisers can pay either per click (PPC) or per impression (IPM) (CPM). AdSense publishers receive a portion of the money from Google.

Since its inception in 2003, Google AdSense has shown adverts in plain text rather than the visual format that had previously dominated the advertising landscape. They made this decision partly because Google wished to reduce the intrusiveness of adverts and speed up page loading times while also encouraging visitors to respond more favorably to advertising.

Maxbounty affiliate network

It’s a great affiliate marketing scheme tailored specifically to the needs of its contributors. According to them, they are the best and the only affiliate network that exclusively serves the interests of its affiliates. Instead, they use the CPA model and rely on performance marketing to make money.

They provide prompt, courteous assistance to all clients to their credit. In addition, they feature an excellent dashboard from which you can easily keep tabs on your performance.

Solvid Affiliate

Solvid Affiliate offers a 20% commission on all orders, even if the referred consumer places another transaction in the future.

This implies that if you refer a customer that spends £3500/month with Solvid, you can earn £800/month as long as the customer stays there.

In the same way, if you refer a customer who orders $12,000, you get a one-time commission payment of $2,400. However, there are no restrictions on how much money you can make.

Other Affiliate Programs to Consider

CJ Affiliate

More than 20 years since CJ Network, better known as Commission Junction, has been in the business, as one of the most important affiliate networks, CJ has a market share of 8.14 percent of the whole industry, making it one of the largest.

Publishers and affiliates participating in CJ’s program have access to world-class brands and data sources to monetize their online business effortlessly. Additionally, you’ll have accessibility to a large range of high-quality companies and goods and all of the resources you’ll need to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

The analytics provided by the CJ Affiliate network is one of its strongest selling points because they make it easy to determine whether or not a particular affiliate program generates a profit.


As a whole, Wix’s affiliate program is simple to join and lucrative for anyone who maintains a blog or a website online. Wix is a leading website builder, and there are over one hundred million individuals now using it.

They offer their affiliates $100 per transaction to get started. They have a variety of amazing landing pages available in many languages.

WP Engine

When it comes to premium site hosting services, WP Engine is a well-known digital experience platform. You may make money online with WP Engine’s affiliate program in two ways. First, besides the normal $200 or 35 percent of StudioPress purchases, WP Engine awards you extra commissions if you suggest more than one client each month.

You’ll get direct access to a WP Engine Affiliate Manager who is eager to assist you.

Various affiliate sites offer VPN affiliate programs, Fiverr affiliate programs, and cloudways affiliate programs, selling online courses.

How to Sign Up for Affiliate Marketing Program?

Pick a Specialty

To get started, you’ll need to narrow your focus.

Beginners will have a leg up for affiliate marketing if you already have a following that you’d like to make money from. You’ll need to find a profitable affiliate partner specialty if you’re just getting started.

For whatever reason, highly competitive niches draw us. So it’s generally wiser to go after something, particularly when there is so much competition.

Find Affiliate Networks or Schemes To Use

Low-Volume Affiliate Schemes That Offer Big Money

These are high-paying affiliate programs for specific products. Programs with large commissions are also more likely to face competition. It’ll be challenging to match with veteran marketers with huge funds because you’re just getting started.

Affiliate Schemes With Low Payouts Yet High Volumes

These are low-payout affiliate programs, yet they appeal to a wide audience. The good thing about these programs is that they typically provide many items for sale. For example, Amazon has an affiliate program. Every Amazon product is eligible for a 10% commission. Another benefit is that they often give commissions on the total purchase price, rather than only on the product you recommended to the customer.

This form of affiliate scheme to be profitable requires a lot of traffic.

Acquiring a Large Number of Best-Paying Affiliates

These are the best affiliate marketing programs for well-known brands and goods. As a result, these products tend to draw in experienced and wealthy affiliate marketers. As a result, you can’t compete with spamming approaches employed by others.

Choosing Products to Promote

Once you’ve signed up for a few affiliate networks, the next step is to decide which goods you’ll be promoting. The items you advertise must align with your overall affiliate marketing journey.

There is a good chance you’ve already utilized keyword research to identify a potential affiliate market. If you want to make sure your content strategy aligns with the things you want to advertise, this is a beautiful method. Consider the level of competition, your ability to bring traffic from other sources, the number of searches, and the compensation from the affiliate program.

In some cases, it’s better to focus on a narrower range of themes and focus on a smaller number of people rather than trying to rank and achieve awareness in a more significant number of people.

Develop a Marketing Plan for These Products

Start marketing the businesses as soon as possible.

According to our earlier discussion, affiliates use various venues to promote their merchant partners. Therefore, your aims and vision will influence the strategy you use.

Are you interested in launching one (or more) niche-specific affiliate websites that serve as a funnel for merchants for that you claim a commission? What if your goal is to create your brand?

With a great strategy in place, SEO is a no-brainer because of the free traffic that you can gain. But on the other hand, PPC can work in some niches but not in others; you’ll need to watch the cost of a click and your conversion rate for the merchant. If you don’t move swiftly, there may not be enough room for profit. Email can be a terrific way to drive repeat sales from prior customers. In addition, you can set up a system for generating social media and content marketing signups with a strong SEO strategy.

Do You Have to Pay for Affiliate Marketing?

The vast majority of affiliate programs are free to sign up for. You do not need any prior experience or qualifications to participate in most cases. You only need to fill out an online signup form to get started promoting the offers; there are no other requirements. Sign up, promote, and start earning. They’re free to join and come with a dedicated account manager in most cases.

If the affiliate network approves your application, you may start looking for affiliate programs that appeal to you. Most affiliate programs do not charge extra to the associate, so stay away from them. The online merchants that administer the affiliate programs you’ve selected will review your website.

If the affiliate network approves you, they will guide you with the procedure of posting the required links, which will arise straight from the network’s website. You will work out a payment plan between you and the company. Most affiliate networks have a minimum payout amount since the amount of money you can make per activity can be very small.

Until the complete sum you owe reaches you, you will not be receiving any payment. Therefore, your work on your website’s content can continue. At the same time, you wait for your earnings to come in once you’ve set up everything and the affiliate network has explained its method.

Final Words

You can find the best affiliate programs through affiliate networks. That concludes our detailed article, and we talked over some of the highest-paying affiliate programs for beginners.

One of the simplest online businesses to start is affiliate marketing. Our aim is that this post has provided you with good affiliate program options to work with. Unfortunately, we have gone over as much material as was humanly conceivable.

If you already have some traffic, you can begin generating passive cash from your visitors as soon as tomorrow, with some payments coming in the next 30 days.

This was a complete guide on the 10 best affiliate programs in 2022.

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